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Two spectacular ten metre deep canvases depicting artist Philip Trusttum's personal interpretation of Revelations Chapter Twenty, Verses one and two are hanging in the Christchurch Convention Centre. 

The Artist who has a large tin shed in Christchurch. Uses words, letters and images from many cultures and ages. In layers on meaning in his large works on heavy 15oz canvas. 

The canvases, called "Rev XX, 1-2" are on public display, and are for sale. 

Philip Trusttum was the recent winner of the Turning Point 2000 Tapestry 2000 contest. His abstracted design covering 15 sq m will be woven by Marilyn Rea-Menzies by September 2000. The design in based on the word of "Christchurch".

Philip Trusttum in front of one of the two ten meter high  REV XX banners, which explore Revelations Chapter 20, verses 1 & 2. They were on display at the Christchurch Convention Centre.  

More information at  www.tp2000.org.nz Banners Revelations XX Contact Phone: 64 (03) 3792 772 18 Peterborough Street Christchurch 1 New Zealand Email: lee@trusttum.co.nz