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Selected Group Exhibitions

The Group:                                          Durham Street Art Gallery, Christchurch

Contemporary New Zealand:                  Auckland City Art Gallery

Contemporary Painting in New Zealand:   Commonwealth Institute, London

New Zealand Painting 1966:                    Auckland City Art Gallery

Ten years of NZ Painting in Auckland:      Auckland City Art Gallery

New Zealand Art of the Sixties:               A Royal Visit Exhibition-Auckland City Art Gallery

New Zealand Pavilion Expo '70:               Tokyo

 Benson & Hedges Art Award:                 Auckland

The Group Show:                                  Christchurch

Kim Wright Collection:                            New Plymouth

Centenary Collection:                             Manawatu Art Gallery, Palmerston North

New Vision Gallery Exhibition:                  Auckland

Drawings Group Exhibition:                     Barry Lett Galleries, Auckland

First Exhibition:                                      Petar-James Gallery, Auckland

The Group Show:                                   CSA Gallery, Christchurch

Gallery Choice -                                      New Vision Gallery, Auckland

Art New Zealand 1974:                           CSA Gallery, Christchurch

Kim Wright Collection of New Zealand Paintings: Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth.

The Artist's Garden:                                New Vision Gallery, Auckland

Two Generations of New Zealand Abstraction:  Petar-James Gallery, Auckland

New Zealand Drawing, 1976:                    Auckland City Art Gallery

Second Chance:                                      New Vision Gallery, Auckland

Private View:                                           Dowse Art Gallery, Lower Hutt

Peter Webb Galleries (Auckland)

Christchurch Arts Festival International of Drawings:Robert McDougall Art Gallery, Christchurch

Drawing the Line:                                    Art Gallery, Lower Hutt

Gopas, Trusttum, Clairmont:                    New Vision Gallery, Auckland

Drawing '79:                                           CSA Gallery, Christchurch

An exhibition of original paintings from Fletcher House: Society of Arts Galleries, Auckland

Smith, Alvarez, Trusttum:                        Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth

Gordon H Brown's Collection:                   Manawatu Art Gallery, Palmerston North

The Fourth Biennial of Sydney:                 New South Wales Art Gallery, Sydney

Vision of  Disbelief:                                  Dunedin Public Art Gallery

New Zealand Drawing 1982:                     Janne Land Gallery, Wellington

Me by Myself; The Self Portrait:                 National Art Gallery, Wellington

Installation Art:                                       Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth

The Prospect Collection of Contemporary NZ Painting:  Centre Gallery, Hamilton

Summer '83:                                           Janne Land Gallery, Wellington

ANZART: Australian and New Zealand Arts in Edinburgh:  International Festival, Edinburgh,


Trusttum with Don Driver:                        Sarjeant Gallery, Wanganui

New Zealand New York:                            22 Wooster Street, New York

Better than Collecting Dust:                      Manawatu Art Gallery, New Plymouth  

Big Paintings:                                          CSA Gallery, Christchurch

"top">The Word Gallery:                          Suter Gallery, Nelson

Content/Context:                                    National Art Gallery, Wellington

Montana Lindauer Art Competition:            Auckland

Karaka:                                                  C/- Loft Gallery, Hawera, Auckland

Brooker Art Gallery:                                 Wellington

Chair Exhibition:                                      CSA Gallery, Christchurch

Aigantighe Art Gallery:                             Timaru

Multiples:                                                McDougall Art Gallery, Christchurch

Child's Play:                                            McDougall Art Gallery, Christchurch

Taking Stock of the 90's”                         Sarjeant Art Gallery, Wanganui

South Canterbury Artists 5:                     Aigantighe Art Gallery, Timaru

Milford Gallery:                                        Dunedin

Bank of New Zealand Art Collection:          Wellington City Gallery, Wellington

Patricia Bosshard Browne Collection:         Dunedin Public Gallery, Dunedin

10 x 10:                                                Warwick Henderson Gallery, Auckland

Seriously Playful 1:                                  CoCa, Christchurch

Art Attack:                                             CoCa, Christchurch

Trusttum with John Himmelarb:                CoCa, Christchurch

Pictures at an Exhibition; Concert music and Art event. Organist Martin Setchell, Paintings projected onto Big Screen, during Concert:  Town Hall, Christchurch.

Site Map

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